As a world class veterinary facility we provide a wide range of services for your animal. To find out what service you need please see below:

• Surgery

Just like human surgeons, our vet doctors perform a wide range of surgical procedures which include tumour and lump excision, intestinal blockage, de-sexing, caesareans, and many more. It is par for the course for us to maintain excellent hygiene, following strict safety protocols for the benefit of your animal. There is a standard scrub up and the use of surgical gloves, masks, with the utilization of autoclaved tools from the beginning to the end of the procedure.

We provide your pet or animal with a well-heated bed and we constantly monitor their health through our machines. On hand throughout the procedure is a fully certified vet nurse who provides the surgeon with the necessary assistance throughout the duration of the procedure.

We have some of the best equipment around and that is the reason we can capably perform most types of surgical procedures including extremely complicated surgeries such as a heart by-pass or bone marrow transplant. Our operating theatre is sterile and we use safe anaesthesia which are quite similar with what is obtainable during a human surgical procedure. To find out some types of surgery we do, please see here.

• General services

Our healthcare professionals are on ground to provide you with the assistance you require ensuring your pet lives as healthy a life as an animal can get. We have a comprehensive treatment plan for different types of animals including dogs, cats, horses, cows, and birds. We also have an exotic vet doctor who specializes in providing general and specialist care for reptiles including snakes, chameleons, lizards, and alligators.

• Emergency Service

The clinic is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week because animals may need emergency care at any point in time. As a comprehensive animal care provider, we make sure we staff our clinic at all times to give your animal the emergency care it needs with emergency doctors and nurses on ground to provide treatment in urgent situations.

If you believe there is an emergency in your home and you are unable to come to the clinic, please contact us here and we would get to your location as soon as possible.

• Physiotherapy

It is possible that your animal may be involved in an accident which might mean surgery to repair broken bones, or amputation. We provide after-surgical services such as physiotherapy to ensure that your pet gets the required workout it needs to plant its foot on the road to full recovery.

We equip our clinic with a variety of exercise equipment for animals to strengthen their muscles and make sure they learn to go about their daily routine like before.

• Vaccinations

These are a staple requirement to ensure that your animal companion lives a long healthy life. Vaccination is important for animals because it greatly reduces the risk and spread of diseases, keeping them safe, including other animals without vaccination too.